Factory sewing checklist

Stages of production of sublimation sportswear TM Berserk Sport:

1. Design.

1.1. We accept the order. The manager clarifies all the nouns, helps to choose the size. We approve layouts with the customer.
1.2. The printing technologist puts the drawing in electronic form on the templates. Images are scaled up with each size from 6XS to 3XL. We inscribe the size of the future product over each element.
1.3. The print shop prints the images onto the rolls of fabric. We use sublimation printing.

2. Sewing.

2.1. We revise the sealed fabric and check if there is any defect in the seal. Do you know how a printer sometimes prints blurry or jams on paper? On the fabric, this can also be. All parts with poor-quality patterns are cut from the roll and reworked again with the next batch.
2.2. In the sewing workshop, the cutter cuts all parts of the garment.
2.3. The seamstress sews the product. When sewing sportswear, we use high-strength Coats threads. Sewn on size tag, fabric composition and care recommendations.
2.4. The clothes are ironed.
2.5. The head of the sewing workshop reviews the quality of the seams of all products made in his workshop.

3. Packaging.

3.1. An employee of the Quality Control Department (technical control department) checks according to the brief sheet: whether the drawings are correctly placed, in what scale, what fabric should the product be of, whether they made a mistake with the model (tapered or straight sweatpants, shorts with an elastic band), measures for compliance with the size mesh, stretches the seams and tests them for strength.
3.2. Cardboard tags are attached to clothes sent to stores.
3.3. Each package is printed with a sticker indicating the name of the product, barcode and size.
3.4. The product is packed in individual bags.

4. Storage and preparation for shipment.

4.1. If the whole batch is not yet ready, we put the packages in cardboard boxes and put them on the shelves for storage.
4.2. The storekeeper selects the required goods for shipment according to the invoice according to the list.

5. We deliver goods in a convenient way for the customer: we send them by ukrposh, new mail. Sometimes there are force majeure, orders go by minibuses, blah-blah-car, travel companions, couriers, fly abroad by air thanks to groups on Facebook "People's Post".

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