Frequently asked meals

1. How can I make an order on the site?

If you are our customer.

You can make an order in two ways.

If you are an unregistered user, you can do it in the process of buying: just select the product of the right size you are interested in, add it to the cart, go to the payment and fill in the form required to register the order. You can also register beforehand in the "My Account" field. It will allow you to save time on entering your personal data every time you'd like to make an order. Registered customers may wish to receive notifications about promotional offers and updates.
If you are our partner.

To become a partner of TM Berserk Sport, you should click on the checkbox “I want to be a partner” while registering in your account. Then you should fill in all the required fields. After that, our manager will receive a request and will contact you. You will be awarded a certain discount depending on the type of cooperation. Feel free to use it when making orders on our website.

2. Do I need to make prepayment?

If you are our customer.

No. You can either pay for the order immediately and we will send it to you, or pay for the goods at the delivery point by cash and pay for the order by mail. In case of pickup, payment occurs on the spot.

If you are our partner.

All contentious issues would be discussed with our manager.

3. How can I find the right size?

All products of our brand are manufactured according to the size charts. It can also be found in the product description. Besides you can watch our training videos to understand how to correctly determine your size.

4. How quickly will I receive the goods?

If the goods are available, they will be shipped within 24 hours after placing the order on weekday and 2-3 days on weekend. Delivery time depends on the shipping method. If the goods are not available, they will be produced within 14-21 working days and then we will send them to the customer. Our manager supervises your order and notifies you about all its statuses.

5. What are the delivery options?

You can find the delivery services in the Delivery section. We suggest using the following service to track the delivery stage.

6. What payment method should I choose?

You can choose any proposed payment option, depending on the preferences and your geographical location. You can get a closer look at the payment options in the “Payment terms” section. 

7. Is it possible to exchange goods or refund?

Yes, of course, because we value our customers. If the purchased size does not fit you, we will change it to another one. If you want to return the goods, we will accept it and give the money back (in case the item has not been used and all labels have been saved on it). Return of the goods is at the expense of the buyer.

8. Can I pick up the goods by myself?

This is possible depending on your location. If you put a mark "self-delivery", our manager will contact you and tell you how to do it.